Status: Signed into law - program in development
Program Name: CalABLE
Program Manager: N/A
Program Investment Institution: N/A
Program Website: CalABLE

Total Annual Contribution Limit: $15,000
Account Limit:
Additional Information: Signed into Law on October 11, 2015

AB 1553 was amended and re-referred to the Committe on Appropriations on 6/22/16. This bill would now also allow a beneficiary to qualify as an eligible indivdual on the basis of a certification, signed under penalties of perjury, that the individual has a condition that meets all of the required elements, and that a diagnosis signed by a physician regarding the relevant impairment or impairments have been obtained.

ABLE Legislation: SB 324AB 449AB 1553

SB 324 Legislative Summary

AB 449 Legislative Summary

AB 1553 Legislative Summary