ABLE National Resource Center Seeks ABLE Account Owners for Advisory Group

January 18, 2018

The ABLE National Resource Center, a collective group of leading, national disability organizations united to help realize the promise of the ABLE Act, seeks to identify up to eight ABLE account owners to participate as an Advisor Group to the Center. We are looking for parents and working-age adults with disabilities that represent a diversity of experiences in terms of their reasons for opening an account, their short and long term financial goals related to the account, and how they hope the account will help them increase their health, independence, and/or quality of life. We are also looking for diversity represented by selection and participation in different state ABLE programs, type of disability, age, gender, race and ethnicity.

 Role as Advisor

An Advisor must be comfortable with the Center sharing the Advisor’s ongoing experience as an ABLE account owner with the public through various platforms, including the Center’s social media platforms and the Center’s website.  Additionally, we will convene the Advisors, via conference call, six times per year to collect constructive suggestions related to:

  • the Advisor’s on-going personal experience with their ABLE account
  • education and outreach strategies
  • critical knowledge and skill sets to become ABLE-ready to open an account and grow and manage an account
  • webinar and short video topics
  • future needed policy development
  • peer to peer support strategies
  • needed information and resource materials to help individuals and families make informed decisions
  • needed advice from federal agencies
  • other ways the Center can continue to provide a leadership role on ABLE implementation.

Outcomes to be Achieved

Advisors selected will help:

  • put a human face on the ABLE experience by sharing personal stories
  • extend the leadership and effectiveness of the Center to meet the information needs of potential and current ABLE account owners
  • define the next generation of activities of the Center that supports growth of the number of opened accounts and the effective management of accounts to meet individual needs.


  1. Send us a picture of you, your family and tell us about your circle of support.
  2. Tell us why you opened an ABLE account and what do you hope to accomplish (which state, how long an account owner).
  3. What are reasons you would be an excellent advisor to the ABLE National Resource Center? (your strengths, current use of Center resources)
  4. What else should we know about your background and experiences that would support your selection?

ABLE advisors will receive a $500 contribution to their ABLE account at the end of the year, based on full participation in the Advisor program (all meetings, regularly scheduled interviews, submission of pictures that will be used to define the ABLE experience).

We look forward to your application. Finalists will be interviewed by Center staff and selections made by the end of the February.

 Send applications to:


Chris Rodriguez 1667 K St, NW Suite 480 Washington, DC 20006

 Due Date February 16th